Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You Might Get Yourself.

A new edition with 20x200 is being released today. It is called Every Person in New York, 600 for 20x200. In the 20x200 editions you have three options--a small (but not too small, 8.5"x11")print (edition of two hundred), a medium print (edition of twenty), or a large print (edition of two). For the edition being released today, each one of the pieces in each one of the editions is an original drawing. This edition with 20x200 is part of the Every Person in New York Project I have been working on. By buying one of the pieces in the edition you are getting your own individual drawing of a New Yorker. The drawings were made all over New York and it is possible that you will get a drawing of you if you buy one. I hope you like the drawings.

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