Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book(s) Release

Two books are being released today, Thursday, May 15, at 5:30pm in Union Square in New York. One is titled WRESTLERS AND WILDLIFE and is by Shawn Creeden and Jason Polan. The other is titled Photographs by Jason Polan and Michael Worful and it is by "those two". You do not need to feel obligated to buy anything, it will just be fun to say hello. Shawn, Michael, and I will be near the bottom left of Union Square until 6:30pm. If you are unable to attend the release and would like a copy of the books please email one of us and we will figure out how to get it to you.

Wrestlers and Wildlife is $8
Photographs by Jason Polan and Michael Worful is $24 (It is limited
to 22 and comes with two original 5"x7" prints, one by each artist.)

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