Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I went to Cranbrook yesterday.  I was early so I drove around a little before finding a parking spot near where I was going to meet some friends.  I was on Lone Pine when I saw this white Porsche parked on Cranbrook’s campus.  I wanted to take a picture of it because I like how Porsches look and I liked how it looked in front of the trees.  I pulled in and got out and took the picture and the moment after I took the picture a neon orange Frisbee flew by.  Then two men popped out from the left.  I smiled and waved and they did the same while grabbing the frisbee.  I was a little embarrassed standing there looking at their car.  I turned around and looked at the trees behind me and thought, should I take another picture so it doesn’t just look like I was taking a picture of their car?  I think they didn’t care.  I got back into my car and backed up to drive around and out.  As I was pulling back forward a big dog ran by the left side of the car.  I stopped and noticed a man was walking behind.  The dog just wasn’t on a leash.  I waved at the frisbee Porsche guys again because I was still embarrassed.  They waved again as I pulled around and out.  

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