Thursday, November 8, 2012

I just heard from Parts & Labor that The Land Can Handle It book is getting pretty close to selling out.   WHICH IS VERY EXCITING.  A good chunk of you reading this already have it (thank you!) and I wanted to let the rest of you know in case you wanted to get one.  Jenny, Charlie and I put a lot of thought and energy and time into it and I am proud that the book exists and I want everyone that wants one to have one.

I also wanted to mention the special edition.  It is limited to ten, but each one is its own piece.  I handwrite the story on the photo (this takes me a while for each one but I am really happy with how they come out) that you get with a numbered (to ten) copy of the book.  

This is the story I write on the photograph:  

We were in Jackson, Wyoming, when I took this picture.  The car had been overheating the day before and we didn't know what to do.  It was early and we were worried about driving off without getting things looked at but we were having trouble finding a mechanic that was open or available.   We bought a container of radiator coolant and a gallon jug of water and a white paper funnel to mix the two liquids at the gas station that was in the parking lot next to the hotel.  It probably had the air of a Three Stooges routine: Charlie pouring the neon green coolant into the water jug to dilute it, me kind of holding the funnel, and both of us trying to figure out if the proportions were right.  Before Charlie poured the coolant into the water jug we had to pour out about half of the water so the proper (ha) portion of coolant would fit.  Charlie poured the water on the concrete next to the car.  After the mixture was made we stood up and noticed the barking dog.

About ten minutes later, we found a garage that was available to give the car a look.  It turned out that a small cap was chipped and the pressure was off.  They replaced the cap (the piece itself was about $2) and we drove off feeling a lot better.  Then we realized Charlie had left his camera in the waiting room (that had an enormous mounted elk hanging in it), both freaked out again, drove back, got the camera, and then we were really on our way.

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