Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am drawing pictures in the current issue of Esopus! For a donation! If you missed having your "favorite New York thing" drawn in Esopus 11 or if you would like to donate money to a terrific magazine, or you would like to send me to some weird place to see if I will actually go and draw your favorite thing (or all three of these things), this is your chance. I left a little space at the end of the drawings I did that were printed, for you (or me) to draw YOUR thing in there. For more information visit the Esopus site. Also, if you are interested in buying the magazine so YOU can do the drawing it is currently available at different places (Barnes and Noble, St. Mark's Bookshop, Printed Matter, Shaman Drum(?), and some others) or you can order directly from the website! While we are on the subject, there is a terrific article about Neil Greenberg in issue #8 that is written by Fritz Swanson!

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