Saturday, October 18, 2008

I just got a copy of the new Esopus. It looks terrific. There are 15 pages of people's favorite New York things (over 100!). The magazine should be on newstands in early November. There may be copies at the Editions/Artists' Books Fair the October 31st weekend. I will be there with Esopus making a book called 100 People I Saw at the Editions/Artists' Books Fair that will be available on Sunday at noon. The book will be printed with 99 people I saw at the fair. When you purchase the book ($20) I will draw you in your copy. If you would like to be drawn (and printed) in the book come find me Friday or Saturday!


Amy Stein said...

So cool. I will see you there. So if I come by Sunday after noon I can be number 100? For only $20?

my dad gave me that said...

sweeeeeeet. wish i could be there.