Thursday, March 27, 2008

There is a McDermott & McGough show right now at Cheim and Read. The paintings are really intense (and the show poster is really incredible, it is like being able to take one of the works home with you).

Matt Leines has new work up at Clementine Gallery. I really like the paintings and am always amazed when I get to see his original works in person. There is a zine available of his drawings that I think is already worth more than they are selling it for ($6). There are only 200 of them, so get one soon.

Marcel Dzama's show is up for a couple more weeks at David Zwirner on 19th Street. The work looks great. There is a wide range of things in the exhibition, drawings, sculptures, films --that look terrific.

I hope you get to see these shows, and please keep me posted if there are any you really liked, so I can go see them.

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