Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Abraham Lincoln's Middle Name

William Lamson makes some terrific things. There are some of his short films that show before the Stranger Than Fiction series at the IFC Center. Maybe they show before all of the movies shown at that theater, I am not sure. They should because they are fun to see. I think that some of his work is going to be on the next issue of Wholphin.

The movie Be Kind Rewind is very good. Mia Farrow was in it and I think did a good job. The movie Paranoid Park is also really good. It made me think about footage in this film from PRETTY Skateboards, that the artist Michael Worful was involved with. He makes good paintings and has good handwriting. I think he is working on a simple and elaborate website as we speak.

There was a screening for the film For All Mankind tonight at the IFC Center. That film is really exciting to watch.

Derek Erdman is in a movie. Whoa.

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