Sunday, January 6, 2008


I had the chance to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts yesterday. It has been under construction for a long time and it was exciting to see the new space along with a lot of works I hadn’t seen in a while, or had never seen. They have a lot of art that I didn’t know was here in Detroit. There is an exhibit by Julie Mehretu right now. There were about 12 large paintings to see. I had only seen one of her paintings before and it was pretty intense to see so many in one place. She is going to be doing a talk at The University of Michigan on March 13. I wish I could go. Chip Kidd will be there the week before!

There are really a lot of great works that we are lucky to have, especially in the new expanded space. One piece that I especially liked was in the opening gallery that you walk into after entering the museum through the front door (off of Woodward). There were thousands of strands of fishing wire with small circular mirrors attached to them. I think this is what it was. They were all reflecting and it made me feel good to look at them. I asked the lady at the front information desk who the artist was and she told me that it was just the museum that installed the piece as a celebration for the reopening.

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