Friday, November 30, 2007

On a scale of 1 to 10.

When I was walking downtown today I noticed a photo shoot. I usually like to see what is happening/see if there are any mega-stars around and then I like to leave because it is sometimes weird to see behind the scenes stuff.

As I walked up I saw that they were shooting Derek Jeter coming out of a cab and then walking up the street past a girl who notices him and then bumps into a trash can. They did the, literally, ten second shot, and then had to rework everything and get everybody back in place. Derek Jeter was standing on the side and people were allowed to walk right by him. I watched one more take (the girl didn't bump into the garbage can this time which I thought was funny, perhaps she wasn't supposed to bump into it the shot before) and then walked by Jeter to take his picture and shake his hand. When I walked up I noticed two security guards and realized I wasn't going to be able to say hi to him and shake his hand, but I took his picture anyway. The security guys told me I had to keep walking. I said, "So, are you Derek Jeter's security?" I thought it was funny (they were wearing security hats and were at least nine times the size of anyone else there) and I wanted to be friendly(whoops). "We are keeping an eye on things," the one in the picture right here

told me. They then told me I had to go. I took one more picture as I walked away.


Jake said...

Nice self-portrait in the security hat. Did that take you a long time to paint or are you just gooood.

Jake said...

Come on, guys. Let's get some chatter for Biology!