Saturday, February 23, 2008

There is a piece in the times about the Scott's oriole that is in (or was in, and is now frozen) Union Square. It is kind of an exciting thing I think. I was walking by Union Square a couple weeks ago when I noticed the crowd. I thought that maybe there was a celebrity the people were trying to get a look at when I first saw the group of people with their cameras. I walked over to see what they were looking at and noticed they were circled around the Gandhi sculpture. I then asked a man with binoculars what everyone was looking at. He told me about the Scott's oriole and was nice enough to bear with me as I tried to find it in the bush right in front of the bronze Gandhi. I saw it and was actually kind of excited. He told me how lucky I was to see it in the city. I did feel kind of lucky. I was also happy to meet someone who was nice and patient while I was acting like a dufus. If you go to look for it I hope you find it--or at least there is a nice person there to point it out.

On the next page of the times there is a piece (with four pictures) about the work of JeongMee Yoon. She is a really interesting photographer that is having a show at Jenkins Johnson Gallery that opens on March 8.

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